Finissage: über bücher und fotografie – was ist das fotobuch?

Mittwoch, 10 Mai, 2017 - 17:00

finissage der ausstellung ›über bücher und fotografie – was ist das fotobuch?‹ am mittwoch, dem 10. mai 2017 ab 17.00h

17.00h: begrüßung durch das buchlabor
17.15h: peter dekens, fotograf, gent
18.30h: stefan vanthuyne, fotograf / autor, antwerpen

fh dortmund, fb design, aula
max-ophüls-platz 2
44137 dortmund


peter dekens won the silver medal in the category of »die schönsten bücher aus aller welt 2017« from the stiftung buchkunst. »(un)expected« is a memorable photo project about the coping process of surviving relatives of suicides in west flanders. in 2008 the mother of documentary photographer peter dekens (bel) took her life and just recently a friend did the same. west flanders, the region where he grew up, has one of the highest suicide rates in europe, one and a half times higher than the european average and twice as many as the netherlands. every month in west-flanders 20 people commit suicide. during his research dekens came into contact with people who had experienced a suicide of a loved one. for some this happened totally unexpected, for another the traumatic event was not unexpected at all.


stefan vanthuyne is a photographer, writer and researcher. he has published four artist’s books: »from here into oblivion, vol.1«, »remember the white horses«, »the hill that wasn’t« and »pulsar«. »the hill that wasn’t« was selected for tafels’ (tabels), a presentation of 80 artist’s books and special art books from holland and flanders.
he regularly writes about photography and photobooks for de standaard, oogst and knack focus. his articles have also been published in »extra (fomu)«, »1000 words«, »the ones we love magazine«, »tis blog«, »agenda magazine« and »snor«.
he is a researcher on photobook culture in belgium at »the royal academy of fine arts« antwerp and a member of the photography research group »thinking tools«, also at »the royal academy of fine arts« antwerp.